Marketing Financial Services to Seniors | New Jersey Long Term …

Marketing Financial Services to Seniors | New Jersey Long Term …
By Donna J. Jodhan

Marketing financial services to retirees should not be as difficult as one
may think. Firstly, there is a growing group of clients for you to market
to. Secondly, there is a growing number of books out there that you can
read in order to learn how to do it. Thirdly, this growing group of clients
is definitely in the market for financial services.

The trick of the trade will come from learning how to put everything
together. That is; Learn precisely which types of financial services are
being sought. Learning about the habits and aspirations of your clients,
and developing techniques that will draw them to you. Impossible you ask?
No! I have some great info to pass along to you and urge you now to read

Marketing Financial Services to Seniors | New Jersey Long Term …
By New Jersey Long Term Care Insurance
There’s no reason to have a shortage of clients and this book teaches the
advisor, in detailed tactical fashion, how to attract affluent retirees.
While the entire financial services industry is crazed about baby boomers
(who don’t save …
New Jersey Long Term Care Insurance… –

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