Important answers to consumers concerns – a kids safety idea

Top of the day to you out there. I’m Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk
and today as Septembers moves along, I have some great questions from our
readers to answer.
Looking for a business idea to help kids? Then please see my tiny tip at
the end of this blog (A kids safety idea).
Time now to open up our e-bag.

Question from Brenda Boyde: Donna, are the skills and services of baby
boomers growing in demand?
Answer: Brenda, according to my reference below, this seems to be the case.
Please read on to learn more.
Job Forecast: Boomer Retirees in Demand – CBS
By Carla Fried
Baby Boomers who want to ease into retirement over the next decade with a
post-career period of a reduced work load may find plenty of opportuni. …
Not only will there be jobs for these experienced workers to fill, but the
nation will absolutely need older workers to step up and take them-to assure
continued economic growth and to provide the critical social and government
services on which we all depend. That’s a whole lot of welcome news here at
the Retirement Beat. …
The Retirement Beat Blog RSS… –

Question from Jane Farrell: Are seniors really gravitating towards nursing
homes in Mexico?
Answer: Jane, this appears to be the case and I have a great article for
you to read. Please see below.
Ole! Seniors Choosing Nursing Homes in Mexico
By admin
Seniors Choosing Nursing Homes in Mexico. May 4th, 2010 | Author: admin. As
millions of baby boomers reach retirement age and U.S. health care costs
soar, Mexican nursing home managers expect more American seniors to head
south in coming …. In other American enclaves, in-home healthcare services
have sprung up to serve the retirees. In Rosarito, just south of the U.S.
border, INCARE provides nursing aides to retirees starting at $8.33 an hour,
less than half the cost of …
My Chicago Rant –

Question from Ken Cook: Where can I go to find out more about work at home
Answer: Ken, here you go. Please read my reference below. I hope it
Home Based Businesses | Blog | ~Your Success IS Our Goal …
You can start any of these home based businesses for less than $5000. . – Cached – Similar 3. Business Opportunity Classifieds
– Home Based Business Opportunities Small business and home business
opportunities, ideas, news, … Work At Home Jobs | Job Board | Home Office
Jobs | Flexible . . flexible employment and legitimate home based business
opportunities. This website provides parents in Australia the information
and opportunity to have …
Home Based Businesses | Site… –

Question from Nancy Reid: Should I encourage my kids to study accounting at
Answer: Nancy, why not? The field of accounting offers boundless
opportunities and is a very robust field. Please read my reference below.
Why Study Accounting | Business44.Com – Business Site
By admin
College students that are unsure which area of business they would like to
study should seriously consider accounting. Career opportunities associated
with a degree in accounting are practically endless due to how broad the
subject is. … You may find yourself working for a large accounting firm or
even owning your own private, small scale CPA Firm. You may also become a
CEO or a CFO of just about any company being that accounting is the backbone
of business. …
Business44.Com – Business Site –

Question from Gary Brewster: I need to find some tips when shopping for an
online video security system. Got any tips for me?
Answer: Gary, here you go. Please read my reference below. I hope it
Online Security Tips When Purchasing Video Surveillance Systems …
You may not be aware of it but there may be spyware installed on these
computers. A home based computer will be desirable enough, just make sure
that you have the latest security software and updates installed in it. …
Awns Review Blog –

Question from Nathan Holt: Where can I go to learn a bit more about infra
red security cameras?
Answer: Nathan, I am not sure if my reference below will help you but
please give it a read. I hope it helps.
Protection Provided With Infrared Security Cameras | Technology …
By Mike Ward
Technology Computer – Video Games Tips & News. Technology Computer News and
Tips , Technology Review, Computer Science. Home … There are many
different times when a security camera is the answer to the problem. If ones
home has constant vandalism, it is easy to get a picture of who is to blame.
If a business has a theft going on inside or outside the building, a
security camera can soon reveal who is involved. Many people have found this
a very valuable tool for solving …
Technology Computer – Video Games… –

Question from Scott Gregson: Are mood and anxiety disorders more common in
older folks?
Answer: Scott, according to my reference below, it seems to be the case.
Please give this one a read.
Mood and anxiety disorders remain common in older adults
By Ani
Rates of anxiety disorders-such as panic disorder, agoraphobia, other
phobias, generalized anxiety disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder-were
12 percent overall. About 3 percent had co-occurring mood and anxiety
disorders. …. September 24th, 2009 WASHINGTON – Adolescent depression and
anxiety disorders are actually two distinct psychiatric disorders, says an
expert at Utrecht University. Dr. William W. Hale III and his colleagues
conducted a five-year, …
Health News –

Question from Scott Brannigan: Why are anger and anxiety on the rise these
Answer: Scott, I have a very important reference for you to read. Please
see below.
Why anger, anxiety, depression are on increase? What are the ways …
By admin
anger, anxiety, depression are on increase and ill effects are just
destroying the society. World over steps have to be taken to control &
contain these. … The news usually only shows us bad stuff so it can all
get a bit too overwhelming sometimes. We forget that whilst there horrible
events are happening, heaps of little miracles are happening to – babies
being born, families coming together, weddings, celebrations of life. Anger
might be on the rise because of our …
Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks –

I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tiny tip
of the week.
There is a growing need for us to develop kids safety ideas and kids safety
businesses. More parents are seeking ways to keep their kids safe when it
comes to such things as the Internet. An idea for consideration if you are
seeking a new career path.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.

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