Answers to consumers concerns – the benefits of USB drives

Top of the day to you! I’m Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk and I am
delighted to be with you once more.
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I have great questions to answer this week so it’s time for me to open up
our e-bag.
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Question from Kelsey Goodman: I am over 50 and looking for some job
coaching services. Donna, what can you suggest?
Answer: Kelsey, here you go. A perfect reference for you to check out. I
hope it helps.
The Certified JobsOver50-Boomer Authority Career Coaching Program …
By GoliathJobs
JobsOver50 is a free web-based employment service for Baby Boomers &
Retirees. We understand the employment needs of 50+ job seekers and have
built the nation’s largest network of job opportunities for mature workers. Blog –

Question from Shayne Streit: How do you htink the stock market when boomers
start to retire in droves?
Answer: Shayne, I have a perfect article for you to check out. I will let
this one do the talking on my behalf. Please see below.
Is the Stock Market Doomed When Baby Boomers Retire? | Stock …
By observers
I do not discount the rationale that as boomers retire, there will be some
divestment from the stock market. In fact, it is expected, and sound for
retirees to shift a portion of their investments from stocks to fixed income
for capital … Remember,. that people make careers out of creating

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