Is there an ideal workplace?

Is there an ideal workplace?
By Donna J. Jodhan
This is something that has occupied my =
mind for=20
many years now and at the end of the day I would have to humbly submit =
indeed; there is no ideal workplace for the blind employee.  There =
is none=20
for the sighted employee so why should I expect that there would be one =
for the=20
blind worker?
If I were given a wish list as to what =
an almost=20
ideal workplace could be, then what would I wish for?  Well, here =
is my=20
wish list and let us see how I do.
Before I proffer my wishes, I’ll define =
what I=20
mean by the workplace.  I’ll say that it would include the facets =
dimensions of a physical layout plus a virtual environment so here =
With regard to the physical =
environment, I’d wish=20
Elevators that are easy to find – =
buttons that=20
are easy to access, adequate lighting, buttons that light up, and a nice =
to have=20
would be a talking elevator.  In addition, elevator doors that are =
painted for easy identification. 
Work stations, offices, washrooms, =
rooms, and cafeterias that are easy to locate and navigate. 
With regard to the virtual =
environment: =20
Intranets that are accessible and navigable for blind persons, =
documentation in=20
alternate formats, and access software that can interact efficiently =
mainstream software within the work environment. 
I shall add to this list that it is =
helpful whenever fellow employees, management, and supporting staff can =
sensitized to the requirements of their fellow blind colleague.  =
This can=20
certainly help to break down many of those artificial barriers.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan your free lance =
writer and=20
roving reporter wishing you a terrific day.
You can follow me on twitter =
@accessibleworld and=20
and chat with me on Skype at =
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top article of the week -Sending Attachments With ‘Mail Drop’

Hello there and welcome to our weekly =
titled top article of the week.
Especially chosen for you, these =
articles will=20
help you to keep up to date with current trends plus a lot more.
Sending Attachments With ‘Mail =
Rita’s iDevice Advice for July 31, =
2017: =20
If you have ever tried to mail a video =
clip on=20
your iPhone to a friend, but the Mail app said the file was too big and =
should try sending it with ‘Mail Drop.  Mail Drop is a feature that =
with the Mail app on many iOS devices, Mac computers and through a web =
pointed to  The email account you are using must also =
the IMAP standard.  Mail Drop temporarily uses iCloud server space, =
of the mail provider’s servers to store file attachments up to five =
gigabytes in=20
size.  When you get a message that an attachment is too large to =
normally and you select Mail Drop as an alternative, the Mail app =
uploads the=20
file to iCloud, and then provides your mail recipient with a link or =
icon to=20
download it there.  This way, the shared file does not actually go =
the regular mail servers as an attachment.  The Mail Drop =
expire after 30 days and do not count against the storage limits for =
your iCloud=20
account; basic iCloud accounts include a free five gigabytes and you can =
more if needed.  You can store up to a terabyte of Mail Drop=20
attachments.  Apple is not the only company that offers this type =
workaround.  Google has a similar tool that lets Gmail users stash =
files to be shared on the Google Drive connected to their =
accounts. =20
Microsoft’s OneDrive service likewise helps users share =
videos and=20
other big attachments with email correspondents.  If you do not =
have a mail=20
service with a built-in option for handling hefty attachments, try a=20
file-sharing service like Dropbox or Box.  With this approach, you =
the file to your account and then send a private link to the content by=20
email.  Dropbox can also work directly with Yahoo Mail and Gmail, =
as can=20
other some services.
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How to make knitting classes more accessible

Hello everyone:
Each month I will be responding to a question; chosen from a pool of some of
the most commonly asked ones that I have been asked over the years and
continue to be asked.
This month, I’d like to answer the following question:
How to make knitting classes more accessible
By Donna J. Jodhan

It appears that knitting is fast becoming a favorite hobby for many; both
male and female alike. This hobby has been around for a very long time and
if you believe that a blind person may not be able to participate in this
activity then think again.

I want to reassure you that for a blind person knitting is probably one of
the most enjoyable pastimes and if you keep this in mind then you’ll soon
see how it could be made enjoyable for everyone. Here are some hints to
help you make knitting more accessible for your blind students.

1. Start with the attitude that knitting is for everyone.
2. You need to understand that a blind knitter is going to use their sense
of touch to help them do their work.
3. Let your student feel the various sized needles and explain to them the
types of things that they can knit with each size.
4. Go slowly and show them how to do such things as casting on, casting off,
tying off, and how to fix some of the more common errors.
5. Start with small and simple projects so as to keep encouraging them.

The trick to all of this is to continually show them through the use of
touch and also remember to explain the various types of yarn to them.

This should be a good start for you. Happy knitting!

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Top article of the week – File sharing sites

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File sharing sites
I recognize this is not all the free file sharing sites. But here are a
few. If anyone aware of others, please share them with me and I will resend
out a nother list with those additions.
Also all of these require pay to use when requiring larger than the free
amount of space is used.

1. Box
is more cloud service that lets you keep and share files online. The free
account can host up to 10GB of data. The maximum size of an uploaded file
should not exceed 250MB. For those who’d like to upload full HD videos,
there is a personal account with 100GB of space and 5GB max file size for
only $10 per month.
Box also offers a solution for business. There are three plans that you can
choose from:
Starter will cost you $5/month/user. It is perfect for small teams with up
to 10 people. This plan provides 100GB of free space and the size of one
file is limited to 2GB.
Business plan costs $15/month/user. It offers unlimited storage, but the
size of one file should not be higher than 5GB.
Enterprise plan is available on demand.

2. 1-drive
is familiar to all Windows 10 users. It goes pre-installed with an option to
save pictures and documents automatically. However, if you don’t want to
upgrade to Win 10, you can easily create a separate account. The free one
will give you 5GB of storage. Basic plan will offer you 50GB for $1.99 per
OneDrive also offers business plans that come together with Office 365
applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for your PC, Mac, or iPad.

3. Google-drive
Google Drive is no less popular than Dropbox. With all the same options, it
lets users store up to 15GB of files with a free account. If it’s not
enough for you, choose a 100GB plan for $1.99 per month or a 1TB plan for
$9.99 per month. Apart from the file storing, Google Drive makes it possible
to create Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents online, edit them and keep
for as long as you wish. The service has free mobile apps, so you can keep
all the necessary stuff always with you. You don’t have to create a
separate account to use Google Drive, it is accessed with your Gmail

4. Dropbox
Dropbox is widely used by Internet users. It lets you keep and share all
possible files: audio, video, ebooks , images and many more. The service
has apps for all modern operating systems. Thus, your files sync between
all devices and you can access them from any place with the Internet
connection. The basic Dropbox account is free and gives you 2GB of storage.
If you reach this limit, you’ll have to either delete some files or upgrade
to Pro account. It’ll cost you $9.99/month for 1TB of space. Moreover, you’ll
have additional sharing options such as link password protection, and remote
wipe for lost devices.
By the way, Dropbox offers a referral program. If you invite your friends to
join Dropbox, you’ll get extra 500MB of space for each friend who’s joined

5. ICloud
is a service for users of Apple devices. It lets you backup pictures,
contacts, mail, calendar, notes and other apps from your iPhone, Pad or
iPod Touch. By default, iCloud gives you 5GB of free space. Since iPhone
has a great camera that can be even better with special photo apps , 5GB
are usually not enough. When you reach the limit, upgrade to one of the
following plans:
50GB for $0.99/month
200GB for $2.99/month
1TB for $9.99/month
The prices differ from region to region. To learn current plan prices, check
this link .

6. SendSpace

7. The Pirate Bay – The galaxy’s most resilient bittorrent site
You will need (uTorrent) installed to extract the files automatically.
Visit this link to find this file.

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Helpful tips for February 2018

Hello there and welcome to our monthly feature of all kinds of tips.
We at the business desk are pleased to bring you our monthly feature of a
plethora of tips that cover a wide range of topics.
All of our tips are designed to help you save time, cut down on your
research, and help you get ahead.
So go ahead and read on.
This week we bring you our monthly tips.
It’s what we do for a living! We help you to help yourself!
From the business desk team at
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Helpful tips for February 2018

In this issue:

General tips
Articles of the day
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

General tips
Courtesy of the research team at

Okay, which color do you think the experts reccommend that you not wear to
Why, it is red and why?
Because they say that the color red stands for aggressiveness.
However worn as a suit, the color red could also stand for power!

Some facts about the color purple!
Purple has been chosen as the color to beat for 2018.
When it comes to clothes, the color purple is easier to work with but when
it comes to decor around the house; that’s a different color so to speak!

Okay, and thanks to mama Melanie Peach, here are some great tips for the
Uses For Alberto V-O5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
1. Prevent silver from tarnishing.
Apply a thin coat of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing with a soft
cloth to clean, polish, dry silver candlesticks, picture frames, silver
sets, and other decorative items. Wipe off excess leaving behind a very
virtually invisible, protective coating. V-O-5’s organic protectants
actually prevent tarnishing.
2. Remove a ring stuck on a finger.
Rub on a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing, then hold your hand
up toward the ceiling to drain the blood from the area, and slide off the
3. Make cleaning up after painting or doing a messy auto grease job easy.
Lightly coating your hands with Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing
before painting or fixing the car, allows you to clean them off afterward
without harsh solvents.
4. Soften your feet.
Before going to bed, coat your feet with Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning
Hairdressing and put on a pair of socks.
5. Prevent spray paint from sticking in your hair.
Before spray painting, slick a dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning
Hairdressing the size of a quarter over your hair so you can wash away the
paint more easily.
6. Prevent static electricity in your hair.
Comb a dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing through your hair.
7. Protect your scalp during a permanent.
Rub some Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing into the scalp before
giving yourself a perm.
8. Minimize drying out your hair in a chlorinated pool.
Rub a long dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing through your hair
before taking a swim.
9. Prevent hair coloring from dying your skin.
Dab a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing on your forehead and
around the hairline and ears to help keep the color from staining your skin.
10. Remove makeup.
A dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing on a tissue or cotton ball
gently removes makeup.
11. Glitter your face for a holiday party.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing onto your cheeks,
then dust lightly with glitter.
12. Moisturize your face.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing in the lines around
your eyes to help prevent dry lines.
13. Remove an adhesive bandage painlessly.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing into the bandage
wings, wait a few minutes, then peel off.
14. Soothe chapped lips and skin.
Rub in a small amount of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
15. Soothe your legs after shaving.
Rub some Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing into your skin after the
bath or shower to make your legs feel velvety smooth.
16. Make zippers glide easily.
Rub a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing into the teeth of the
17. Condition leather.
If you’re all out of mink oil, substitute Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning
18. Protect leather shoes and boots from winter salt and ice.
Rub in Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
19. Shine vinyl and patent leather shoes.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing, then buff.
20. Protect your dog or cat’s paw pads.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing before sending your
pet outdoors.
21. Prevent shoes from squeaking.
Give squeaky shoes a coat of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
22. Detangle and shine a dog’s coat.
Comb in a small amount of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
23. Prevent cat hair balls and static electricity on your cat’s coat.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing. (Don’t worry if
your cat licks its fur; Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing is natural
and non-toxic.)
24. Shine a horse’s hooves.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
25. Prevent a leather saddle from drying out.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
26. Detangle a horse’s mane and tail.
Brush in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
27. Stop windows from sticking in their tracks.
Lubricate the tracks with a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
28. Lubricate pipe joints.
A thin layer of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing on pipe connections
will make them fit together more easily.
29. Prevent nuts and bolts from rusting together.
Lubricate the nuts and bolts with a dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning
Hairdressing before screwing them together.
30. Prevent tools from rusting.
Give your tools a light coat of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
31. Stop a faucet from screeching.
Remove the handle and stem, coat both sets of metal threads with Alberto
V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing, and replace.
32. Stop refrigerator racks from sticking.
Coat the edges of the racks with a thin layer of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning
Hairdressing so the racks glide easily.
33. Prevent squeaky door hinges.
Apply a little bit of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
34. Lubricate furniture drawers.
Rub in a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing on the casters of
drawers so they slide open and shut easily.
35. Keep shower curtains gliding easily.
Apply a thin coat of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing to the curtain
36. Prevent sliding doors on a medicine cabinet from sticking.
Rub a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing onto the glides.
37. Clean wooden knick-knacks and other wood objects.
Lightly coat the wood with Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing, then
38. Avoid splattering paint on windows, hinges, doorknobs, and lock latches.
Coat them with Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing to prevent paint from
adhering to the surfaces. After painting, wipe clean with a cloth.
39. Hide scratches on wood furniture.
Put a dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing on a clean, soft cloth,
then buff the spot.
40. Prevent wood paneling from drying out.
Just rub on Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing with a clean, soft
cloth, and buff well, giving the paneling a soft glow.
41. Remove candle wax drippings from candlestick holders.
Coat the candlestick holders with Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing
before inserting the candles.
42. Make a stainless steel sink sparkle.
Shine the sink with a dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing on a
soft cloth.
43. Shine chrome faucets, handles, and car bumpers.
Put a little Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing on a soft, dry cloth
and buff lightly.
44. Clean plant leaves.
Apply a small dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing to the leaves
with a soft cloth.
45. Break in a baseball glove.
Rub the center of the glove with Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing,
place a baseball in the glove, fold the mitt around it, and secure with
rubber bands. Tuck the glove under a mattress overnight.
46. Lubricate roller skates, skateboard wheels, and bicycle chains.
Use a dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
47. Prevent a sailboat’s spinnaker pole fittings from jamming or sticking.
Lubricate with Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing.
48. Make golf clubs shine.
Clean the shafts with a dab of Alberto V-O-5 Conditioning Hairdressing on a
clean cloth.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Contributed by Dan thompson
Cast Iron Skillets Making a Healthy Comeback
Cast Iron Skillets Making a Healthy Comeback
By Mary Hunt
I must have been all of 8-years old the day I decided to surprise my mother
by cleaning her old black cast iron skillet. It embarrassed me that over the
years it had become so gross. Apparently, she’d fried just a few too many
eggs and browned too many Sunday roasts in it without restoring it back to
clean, “shiny-ness” with a copper bottom—like the rest of our pots and pans.
I started with household cleanser and steel wool. I scrubbed on a single
spot for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t break through that burned on
“crust” to
save my soul. Finally, I just gave up.
What I wouldn’t realize until years later was that I was working on a fine
piece of cast iron—a skillet on which I’m sure I managed to un-do years of
coveted “seasoning” that makes a cast iron skillet virtually nonstick.
In the years since then I’ve had quite a relationship with cast iron— from
all-out hate, moving into tolerance and finally to true love. And I’m not
only one. Cast iron skillets are making a big comeback among home cooks.Many
people shy away from cast iron because of the weight. Surprisingly, they
the muscles to handle the load once they realize how well cast iron conducts
heat and goes from stovetop to oven with no problem.
Cast iron skillets never buckle, you don’t have to worry about the finish
being scraped off; cast iron is virtually indestructible, lasting for
even at the hand of an 8-year-old wielding cleanser, steel wool and sharp
scraping implements.
And did I mention the health benefits? Food cooked in cast iron is fortified
with iron—up to 20 times more iron than when cooked in a steel or aluminum
vessel. When you cook in cast iron you use less oil. Cast iron is a
chemical-free alternative to nonstick pans.
Whether you are lucky enough to inherit or find a cast iron skillet at a
yard sale, or decide to buy it new, the first thing you need to do is to
season it—make it
(some new cast iron skillets come pre-seasoned).
Seasoning a cast iron pan is easy. Rub it down with a thin coat of flax seed
oil (inside and out if it’s the first seasoning) and bake it in a 350 F oven
an hour.
This produces the first “non-stick” layer. The skillet is now seasoned.
Seasoning can be done as many times as necessary throughout the skillet’s
which is pretty much eternal. A cast iron skillet can never have too many
layers of seasoning. My skillet must have 1,000 layers of seasoning by now.
will never be enough. After use, never wash a seasoned cast iron skillet
with soap. Simply scrub it with a stiff brush or the Ringer and hot water,
then dry
it completely.
If you’re in the market for a cast iron skillet, but don’t have time for
yard sales or flea markets, you can find them at kitchen stores and discount
department stores. Keep in mind that manufacturers of smooth top electric
cooktops warn that cast iron can damage the surface of the stove. You can
use cast
iron safely on these
beautiful cooktops as long as you are careful to never drag the pan against
the surface.
1. The New Cast Iron Skillet Cook Book: 150 Fresh Ideas for America’s
Favorite Pan, by Ellen Brown. Oh my, how many ways can I thank Ellen Brown
for writing
this thorough, beautiful book. It is a cookbook, but it’s more than that. It
is a how-to book for every possible question and instruction for how to own,
maintain and cook in cast iron. It is an art, and a lovely activity, too. My
cast iron skillet is 40 years old.
I bought it at Gemco in Southern California (anyone remember that?). It was
part of a set and a cheap set at that. It is the only piece that survived my
brutality and abuse. Thanks to Ellen, my skillet is totally restored. I’ve
followed her precise instructions and could not be happier. I am pretty sure
now built up 1,000
layers of seasoning. It glistens, it is so beautiful. And oh, the recipes in
this book! It is also a beauty. $12.
2. Flax Seed Oil. Cast iron, in order to be useful and by that I mean your
favorite cooking vessel of all time, must be continuously seasoned. With
oil. And
not just any oil. According to our expert Ellen, flax seed oil is the oil of
choice and for many reasons. You want to be careful to use only food-grade
seed oil. This certified
organic, cold-pressed and unrefined flax seed oil will last for many years.
That’s how little is required to get the job done. $13.
3. Natural Bristle Brush. The thing that stymies most people when itcomes to
maintaining and using cast iron is having to clean the thing. It’s so easy,
but you need the right tool. And this is one option. Ellen Brown will teach
you exactly how to use it, too. $12.
4. Ringer. Back to cleaning cast iron. A natural bristle brush works well,
but so
does this stainless steel tool called a “Ringer.” Love this thing! I just
wad it up like a piece of chainmail fabric and go to work on anything stuck
on my
cast iron. It doesn’t scratch or remove the seasoning. $16.
5. Utopia Cast Iron Skillet. Why bother learning about the benefits of cast
iron without owning a lovely piece of cast iron cookware? This 12-inch
skillet is
and a valuable addition to any kitchen. $29
By the way, while I could never come up with only one favorite thing I make
in my cast iron skillet, I will tell you that the Potato Pancakes on pages
certainly be in the running. These beautiful pancakes are wonderful
especially when served with sour cream and applesauce.
And now I am officially hungry.


Contributed by Dan Thompson
Getting smoky microwaves clean of the smell again:

Smoke is a tough problem whether in a microwave, car or other enclosed
space. And thankfully in most cases, smoke is not
too tough
for Nok-Out.
You have to consider that once smoke gets involved in a microwave, it gets
circulated through the entire appliance,
potentially touching every nook, cranny and surface. Nok-Out applied full
strength, must do the same by touching every
place that is harboring that odor.
1. Start by unplugging the appliance from power.
2. spray it inside and out, top to
bottom including any carousel, racks, filter and other parts making sure
comes in contact with every part of that appliance. Nok-Out is not at all
toxic or harmful, so you can confidently spray
the fan blades and so forth, provided you can reach them without taking the
oven apart. Do not attempt to do that!
3. Once you’re certain every square millimeter of the oven—its door,
hinges, corners, crevices, seams, top, sides, bottom
and every other surface—has come in contact with Nok-Out, allow it to dry
completely. Leave the door open and don’t use it
for at least 24 hours. That should do it. If you still notice the odor, give
it the full treatment
again. Good luck!
Don’t forget, when ordering Nok-Out use coupon code DPL for 10% off your
You can also call Ted from Nok-Out toll free at 1-866-551-1927 and he can
answer any questions you have.
Mary Hunt’s Everyday Cheapskate blog,
Our mailing address is:
Everyday Cheapskate
12340 Seal Beach Blvd.
Seal Beach, CA 90740


From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
Dealing with security at the airport

Let’s face it! Dealing with security at the airport could be a real
challenge at the best of times but I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you
to consider. Hopefully they will help you to be less stressed.

As a seasoned traveler I have had to learn through trial and error but I
think that I am getting better at this. So, here they are.

. Do not carry any liquids in your carry on bags. That is, cosmetic
liquids, shampoos, etc.

2. If you are traveling with a laptop or iPad, then you need to show these
to the folks at security. So best for you to remove these items just before
you enter the security area.

3. Be prepared to be asked to remove your footwear and jacket if you are
wearing one.

4. You will probably be asked to empty your pockets so not a bad idea to
empty them before you are asked.

5. Be prepared to place all objects that you are asked to remove in caddies
that will be given to you when you get to security.

6. If you are asked to empty your carry on bags, then it may be best for you
to remove the contents yourself and ask the folks to let you know what they
are doing as they check out your stuff. There is nothing worse than not
knowing where they are placing your possessions.

I believe that these tips will help you to lessen the stress.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

To learn more about me, visit
On your next trip you could enrich your down time with some of my audio
mysteries. Take them with you wherever you go!
In the car, on the plane, on the bus or train, at the beach, anywhere!
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Top article of the week – Technology is key to making travel more accessible, new report finds

Hello there and welcome to our weekly feature titled top article of the
Especially chosen for you, these articles will help you to keep up to date
with current trends plus a lot more.


Technology is key to making travel more accessible, new report finds
People with access needs still face numerous barriers when booking and
undertaking travel, but existing and emerging technologies are crucial to
making the process more accessible, research claims.
The new report found that while advancing technologies such as voice
recognition, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are being used by
some companies and hotels to make travel more inclusive, website
accessibility and use of mobile devices – for tasks such as managing
bookings – are still fundamental for travellers with access needs.
The study, ‘Voyage of discovery: Working towards inclusive and accessible
travel for all’, was commissioned by travel technology consulting firm
Amadeus and carried out by Ilunion, a consulting firm owned by ONCE, the
Spanish National Organisation of the Blind. It looks at the requirements
and first-hand experiences of travellers with access needs and explores how
‘the travel experience and customer journey’ can be made more
accessible by examining three stages of the process: ‘The pre-travel
stage: what happens before the trip’, ‘In transit: what happens on the
journey’ and ‘In destination: what happens upon arrival’.
Results are based on responses from focus groups and interviews with
consumer travellers and industry experts, featuring contributions from
people with “visual, hearing, cognitive and physical disabilities,” and
travellers over 65-years-old with accessibility needs, all from the United
States, European Union and India.
Speaking about the findings of the report, Elizabeth Aston, Senior Advisor
for Industry Affairs at Amadeus IT Group, told e-Access Bulletin that
“Technology will be a pivotal factor in making travel more accessible. We
are already seeing companies use mobile applications, more intuitive user
interfaces, voice recognition, data analytics and customer management
systems to help address [access barriers] identified by travellers … But
technology is not the sole answer, it must also be seen in the wider
context of accessibility, as an enabler and facilitator of change and
As demonstrated in the report, the same technology that can aid more
accessible travel can also become an obstacle when it is not designed
inclusively. For example, difficulty in navigating inaccessible travel
websites was found to be one of the biggest barriers for users during the
booking stage.
The report also notes that when booking a trip online, “there is a lack
of standard procedures for communicating passengers’ specific needs.”
Despite this and other issues, the report found that online booking was
still by far the most popular method for booking trips.
A later section of the report examines how technology is empowering
travellers. The report notes that “Some hotel chains are using mobile
apps to allow guests access to their rooms and other facilities, and others
are using virtual reality to demonstrate accommodation and services.”
Here, the study points towards the increasing use of Bluetooth-enabled
navigation beacons, wearable technologies and even driverless cars as
potential future aids for accessible travel.
Other significant findings from the report include the discovery that
“travellers would increase their travel budget by 34% if accessibility
barriers were eliminated,” representing a clear business incentive for
the industry alongside moral obligations.
The report ends by making recommendations on how the industry can work
towards making travel more accessible for all, including a call for the
development of “global standards for accessibility in travel and
Read the full report at the Amadeus website, available in accessible PDF:

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A review of the Hilton Lac Leamy Hotel

A review of the Hilton Lac Leamy Hotel
By Donna J. Jodhan

Since 2012 I have made several visits to the Hilton LacLamy Hotel and on
each occasion I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Not only are the rooms so
very large and comfortable but their service desk staff is top notch and the
restaurant in the hotel is second to none when it comes to the preparation
of food and its staff is simply top notch.

So how would I rate their services? With 1 being the lowest and 5 being the
highest, here are my ratings.
Service desk assistance – 5
Assistance for guests with special needs – 5
Assistance at restaurant – 5

Remarks :
Access to the restaurant was extremely user friendly for a vision impaired
person and navigating among the tables was not very difficult.

About staff:
For the most part they were very friendly and went above the call of duty
when asked for assistance.

My meals:
Absolutely divine is all that I can say.
The French cuisine absolutely stood out!

Any suggestions?
On your next visit to Ottawa, why not make the Hilton Lac Leamy your hotel
of stay!

Contact info:
Hilton Lac Leamy in Gatineau
3 Boulevard de Casino
J8Y 6X4
Tel 819 790 6444

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Top article of the week – Gigabyte Announces Tiny PC

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Gigabyte Announces Tiny PC

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Can barriers to the glass ceiling be fixed?

Can barriers to the glass ceiling be fixed?
By Donna J. Jodhan

In a previous article I posed a question to my readers asking the
all-important question “is there a glass ceiling?” I know only too well how
sensitive a topic this is for all stake holders and the comments in this
article are mine and mine only.

In said article I outlined the following artificial barriers which I feel
lie in the way of breaking through this so-called glass ceiling and now I’d
like to respectfully make some suggestions as to how these barriers could be

A hesitation on the part of management to recognize the potential of those
blind employees who do indeed show potential –
In tackling this barrier it could be fixable if more awareness is given to
management of the potential of their blind employee. Trust needs to be
built between management and employee. A commitment to work on hesitations
on both sides could be initiated and a continuous effort to explore various
avenues could be developed. Awareness training could be used in this case.

Technological barriers that either prevent or encumber the progress of a
blind employee –
For better or for worse, technology often has the last say when it comes to
how the career and progress of a blind employee is dictated. In several
cases technology often prevents or hampers progress but there are work
around strategies but it takes a lot of patience, a considerable investment
in time, and an initiative on the part of all concerned. A willingness to
understand how access technology interacts with mainstream technology is
definitely needed and out of this would come a greater level of appreciation
for the technological barriers being faced by blind employees in the

The hesitation or unwillingness of some coworkers to be open minded to the
potential of their fellow blind coworkers –
This barrier is often a difficult one to overcome and my suggestion here
would be to persist with awareness training and conscious efforts to deal
with and discuss hesitations on the part of co-workers. We could certainly
work to try and change attitudes of hesitation through awareness training
but we may not be able to fix attitudes of unwillingness.

A lack of proper or adequate training for blind employees which if
available, could greatly help to increase their chances of breaking through
the glass ceiling –
Timely and adequate training for blind employees is a must and can go a long
way to breaking down this particular barrier. Training should always be
made accessible to blind employees in the same way that it is made available
to mainstream employees but a word of caution: The type of training that
you would need to offer to your blind employees needs to be carefully
thought out and the appropriate experts in accessibility and access
technology need to be sought if the training is to be made meaningful.

A possible attitude on the part of a blind employee that there does indeed
exist a glass ceiling –
This barrier could be broken down through a concerted effort on the part of
management to show the blind employee that opportunities are there for the
taking but there needs to be a healthy dose of reality thrown in for good
measure. By this I mean that expectations need to be carefully managed and
clearly communicated to the blind employee so that at the end of the day
everyone is on the same page.

I hope that my suggestions can be of use with regard to this particular area
and that they can be used as fixes to said barriers if they are deemed to
exist in your workplace. Fixes are not always easy to accomplish. Some are
fast and quick while others take a longer time to accomplish. Some may not
see immediate results while others may never see success.

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Top article of the week – 9 Cool

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9 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Siri
Posted by Sandy Stachowiak on Aug 02, 2017 |

9 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Siri

Some people use Siri every day to take care of tasks like opening apps,
setting up meetings, or creating reminders. But, there are many others who
completely forget that Siri exists. If you are in the latter group, you may
not realize just how much Siri can help. Aside from ordinary tasks, take a
look at what else Siri can do for you on your iOS device or Mac
#1. Phone – Access Calls
When you need to make a call in a hurry, there is no reason to hunt down a
contact’s number. And, Siri can get you other details as well. Try these
commands without even opening your Phone app:
Call (contact) on their home phone.
Get my call history.
Play the voicemail from (contact).
Do I have new voicemails?
Phone Siri Commands
#2. Restaurants – Get Details
You may have a preferred app for finding restaurants or making reservations.
But, Siri can do this for you too. The next time you want to make plans for
dinner, you can use these Siri commands:
Find the best burger place in (city).
Show me reviews for (restaurant and city).
Make a reservation at (restaurant name or type) (day and time).
Where is the closest pizza place?
Restaurants Siri Commands
#3. Movies and TV – Search for Shows and Theaters
Whether you want to find the latest episode of your favorite show or see
which movies are playing at your local theater, you are covered with Siri.
Check out these examples of how Siri can help you find what to watch:
Watch the latest episode of (TV show).
Find horror movies on Netflix.
What is (movie) rated?
Show me what movies are playing nearby.
Movies and TV Siri Commands
#4. Settings – Access Settings
Save time from opening your Settings app to perform simple actions. Siri can
do exactly what you need, when you need it. Here are just a few things you
can ask:
Is my Bluetooth on?
Turn on Airplane Mode.
Open Sounds.
Show me my Facebook settings.
Settings Siri Commands
#5. Home – For Home App Users
If you use the Home app to secure your home or automate settings, Siri can
speed things up when you are heading out the door. Give commands or ask
questions like these:
Lock the back door.
Is the porch light on?
Set up for movie night.
Is the front door locked?
Home Siri Commands
On Your Mac
#6. Finder – Open Files
This may be one of the commands you already use to open folders quickly.
But, what many people might not know is that Siri can open files based on a
day, name, or contact. Just start the command with the words Find, Open,
Get, or Show. Here are a few examples:
Find the Word doc I worked on yesterday.
Open the file (filename).
Get the file (contact) sent me.
Show me all Excel files.
Finder Siri Commands
#7. System Preferences – Make Adjustments
You can view and adjust system settings, change your display settings, and
even ask a settings-related question. For instance:
Make my screen brighter (or darker).
Change my wallpaper.
Is my Wi-Fi on?
Put my Mac to sleep.
System Preferences Siri Commands
#8. About This Mac – Get Information Fast
While you can certainly click the Apple logo from your menu and select About
This Mac, you don’t have to if you just ask Siri. Try some of these handy
commands for quick details about your machine:
How much storage space do I have?
How fast is my Mac?
What is my serial number?
What OS version do I have?
About My Mac Siri Commands
#9. On All of Your Devices
General Questions: Get answers to math problems, city details, word
spellings, and more.
Maps: Ask for directions, show locations on the map, or find local
Messages: Send or respond to messages, read alerts, search for messages.
Music: Play a specific artist or song from Apple Music, identify tunes, or
buy songs.
Sports: Get scores, game schedules, and standings.
If you are ever unsure of what you can ask Siri, just open the app and click
the Question Mark icon. Each category will display on your device and you
can select one for more details.
Siri Commands
You can also have a little fun with Siri by asking questions like, “What’s
your last name?”, “What’s your favorite color?”, or “Do you like
Microsoft?”. Or, ask to hear a joke, story, or poem. Whatever you choose
to use Siri for, remember to take advantage of this handy built-in tool.

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